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Meeting dates of the Council and Business Committee

Dates of meetings of the University Council and the Business Committee for the 2017-18 academical year are listed below.

Council meetings are usually held in the Council Room, The Old Schools from 10.15 am. Business Committee meetings are usually held in the General Board Office Meeting Room at 9.15 am but are often conducted by circulation.

Only Council members, attending officers, and invitees may attend meetings.


Meeting dates for the 2017-18 academical year:    


Michaelmas Term 2017

18 September
Business Committee
​  6 November ​Business Committee
​25 September
University Council +
​13 November
​Business Committee
​  2 October ​Business Committee 20 November
University Council
  9 October ​Business Committee ​27 November
​Business Committee
16 October
University Council   4 December
​Business Committee
​23 October ​Business Committee 11 December University Council
30 October
Business Committee

Lent Term 2018

  8 January ​Business Committee 19 February University Council​
15 January ​Business Committee ​26 February ​Business Committee
22 January University Council ​  5 March ​Business Committee
​29 January ​Business Committee ​12 March ​Business Committee
  ​5 February ​Business Committee 19 March
University Council
12 February Business Committee

Easter Term  and Long Vacation 2018

​16 April ​Business Committee
​11 June
​Business Committee
23 April University Council + 18 June University Council
​30 April ​Business Committee ​25 June ​Business Committee
  7 May (Bank Holiday)
​Business Committee ​  2 July ​Business Committee
14 May ​Business Committee ​  9 July ​Business Committee
21 May ​University Council ​16 July University Council
28 May (Bank Holiday) ​Business Committee
23 July ​Business Committee
​  4 June ​Business Committee


  + Ordinary meeting held in the morning; Strategic meeting held in the afternoon.