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Principal officers involved in governance

In addition to the key governance bodies like the Regent House, Council and General Board, a number of principal officers, individuals and groups are central to the system.

The Chancellor
The office of Chancellor is more than purely ceremonial. The Chancellor has various powers, including the ability to call congregations and to see that all officers of the University officers duly perform their duties.

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Deborah Prentice, Vice-Chancellor
The Vice-Chancellor
The Vice-Chancellor is appointed by the Regent House on the nomination of the Council and is the principal academic and administrative officer of the University. As well as providing academic leadership, the role involves representing the University nationally and internationally.
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The Pro-Vice-Chancellors
The Pro-Vice-Chancellors each have a defined area of responsibility and with the Vice-Chancellor provide institutional leadership for the University.

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The Registrary
Head of the Unified Administrative Service and Secretary of the University Council, the Registrary is responsible for ensuring the business of the central University is conducted in a coherent, proper and timely way.

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The Proctors
The Proctors represent the Regent House in all public occasions. They must be present to hold a valid Congregation and, amongst other things, are ​​​ex officio members of the Board of Scrutiny


Other officers and participants
A number of senior officers
and other participants play crucial roles in the University's governance processes, providing strategic direction, leadership and specialist knowledge.

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