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How to... submit papers to the University Council

About Council papers

Most of the items considered by the Council have been referred to the Council by other committees; these might be recommendations in response to new policy developments or regular items that form part of the Council’s work plan, including the approval of documents to meet the requirements of the Office for Students (such as the approval of the Financial Statements).  The work plan (Raven login required) is updated monthly and provides a means for senior officers to check their scheduled papers.

Routine matters may be dealt with by the Business Committee, by Council circular or as starred items on the agenda for a Council meeting that do not require discussion. Questions as to which materials are submitted to the Council (either at meetings, through the Business Committee or in Council circulars) and in what format should be addressed to the Head of the Registrary’s Office.

Document coversheets

All papers must follow the templates available below and be sent electronically to Dr Regina Sachers, Head of the Registrary's Office (, to Dr Joanna Craigwood, Senior Governance Manager ( or to Mrs Jenni Dixon, Council Administrator ( two weeks before the date of each meeting.  Please note that there are different templates for papers and for the minutes of Committees that report to the Council.

 Template Council paper                                     Template Council paper minutes  


Submission dates for the 2018-19 academical year: 

​2018-19- Latest date for submissions: ​Corresponding Council meeting date
​1 October 2018 ​15 October 2018
​5 November 2018 ​19 November 2018
​26 November 2018 ​10 December 2018
​7 January 2019 ​21 January 2019
​4 February 2019 ​18 February 2019
​4 March 2019 ​18 March 2019
​1 April 2019 ​15 April 2019
​7 May 2019  (exceptionally) ​20 May 2019
​3 June 2019 ​17 June 2019
​1 July 2019 ​15 July 2019
​9 September 2019 ​23 September 2019