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Eligibility to vote

The membership of the Regent House is governed by Statute A III 11 and the regulations for the Roll of the Regent House. Membership of the Regent House is largely comprised of academic and senior administrative staff of the University and Colleges. There are various ways of qualifying, and the main categories are listed below, but most people will qualify through being University Officers or College Fellows:

  • The Chancellor, the High Steward, the Deputy High Steward, the Commissary, and the members of the Council in class (e) (external members)

  • Other University Officers and persons treated as University Officers under Statute J 7 (qualifying staff at CUP)

  •  Heads of Colleges

  •  Fellows of Colleges, provided that they conform to conditions of residence (must reside within 20 miles of the University Church)

In order to participate in ballots of the Regent House, the names of members must be included on the Roll of the Regent House. The Roll is published twice in the Reporter in Michaelmas Term, first in October as a draft and then as a confirmed list for formal promulgation on the fifth weekday in November. Names are only added to the Roll once a year: the names of those who become eligible for membership of the Regent House after promulgation of the Roll will be published on the proposed Roll in October of the following year. Currently Regents come off the Roll once they reach the age of 70; however, certain members, including the Chancellor, High Steward, and Heads of Colleges, continue to qualify after that age. However Statute A is in the process of being amended and the age limit will no longer be in force for the promulgation of the Roll in November 2020.