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FAQs about ballots

How do I vote in a ballot?

If you are on the Roll of the Regent House, you will automatically be sent voting information and instructions about how to cast your vote. Since January 2015 voting in ballots has been conducted electronically, although members who opt-in by the notified deadline may continue to receive hardcopy ballot papers.

How do I opt out of voting online?

You can register to receive hardcopy voting papers and materials to an address to which the University Messenger Service delivers (or an address in the UK if you are an external member) by emailing or contacting the University Draftsman, Registrary’s Office, Old Schools. Requests to opt out of online voting received by early November apply for the year running from the date of the next promulgation of the Roll of the Regent House on the fifth weekday in November. If you wish to continue receiving hard-copy voting papers, you will need to renew your request to opt out each year; a reminder will be sent to you.

Can I vote if my name doesn’t appear on the promulgated Roll of the Regent House?

Only those people whose names appear on the Roll of the Regent House when it is promulgated on the fifth weekday in November have voting rights. Names are added to the Roll once a year, so the names of those who become eligible for membership of the Regent House after promulgation of the Roll will be published on the proposed Roll in October of the following year.

How do I check if I am eligible to vote?

You can check if you are a member of the Regent House by looking at the most recent promulgated Roll published in the Reporter.
[NB the Roll of the Regent House is different to the List of Members of the Faculties, which is included in the same Reporter Special but serves a different purpose.]

How do I obtain a password to access my Raven account?

All members of the Regent House have been issued with passwords to access their Raven accounts. Further information, including how to reset your password, is available on the University Information Services website.

How is the vote conducted?

​Civica Election Services (CES, which acquired Electoral Reform Services Group in December 2018) provides voting services in ballots of the Regent House. Members cast their votes using CES’s secure voting portal or return completed voting papers to CES in the post. After voting has closed, CES verify the final count of both online and paper votes by applying the University’s Single Transferrable Vote regulations and submit a report to the Returning Officer, who reviews and confirms the outcome of the vote. The announcement of the results is published in the Reporter showing a break-down of the votes cast. Voting is confidential; no member of the Governance and Compliance Division or the Returning Officer has access to information on how an individual has voted.

What is a fly-sheet?

A fly-sheet is a statement outlining the views of ten or more Regent House members on a matter which has been put to a ballot; the statement is submitted to the Registrary and circulated with the voting papers.

Who should I contact if I have a query about the Roll?

All queries about the Roll should be submitted to Julia Copson, the Clerk of the Roll of the Regent House (email

Who should I contact if I have a query about a ballot or a fly-sheet?

Questions relating to ballots or fly-sheets should be directed to the University Draftsman, Ceri Benton (email


Online voting: 3 easy steps

Live and recent ballots are listed on the Ballot info and voting homepage. Click the relevant link to view information on each ballot.

Pages for ballots that are open for voting include links to the secure voting portal. To cast your vote:

1. Click the 'Vote Now' button and log in using your University account and UIS password:*
[crsid] + UIS password

2. On reaching the secure voting portal, fields containing your unique voter ID are auto-populated. Click 'Log in' to continue on to the voting area.

3. Cast your vote
in accordance with the instructions

*New - Multi-factor authentication is now active on certain University accounts. If you need help with MFA please see the UIS help pages and background information.

During the voting period, the secure online voting portal is accessible to all current members of the Regent House except those who have been sent hardcopy voting papers. Problems accessing the voting portal? 

(a) check you are included on the Roll of curent members of the Regent House.

(b) check you are logging in with the correct University account - and UIS password - and that MFA is set up

(c) try using a private browsing window or clearing your browser cache

(d) if problems persist, contact the University Draftsman's office via in the first instance.

Voting services for Regent House ballots  are provided by Civica Election Services.
All votes are anonymised - the University cannot identify the names or choices of individual voters.


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