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FAQs about the Regent House

How do I check if my name is on the Roll of the Regent House?

You can see if you are on the Roll of the Regent House by looking at the Reporter Special ‘List of members of the Faculties and Roll of the Regent House’, available on the Reporter Specials page. If your name doesn’t appear on the Roll, but you think it should do, you should contact the Clerk of the Roll of the Regent House, Julia Copson (email, who will be able to advise you. A preliminary Roll is published on 1 October each year (also available from the Reporter Specials page), so it is advisable to check that your name appears in this preliminary Roll before the final version is promulgated at the beginning of November.

I have recently joined the University; when will my name appear on the Roll?

Whenever you join the University (as a University Officer), you will not become a member of the Regent House and be eligible to vote until the next promulgation; names are added/removed annually so you will not be on the Roll of the Regent House until the November following your appointment. Only those people whose names appear on the Roll of the Regent House when it is promulgated on the fifth weekday in November have voting rights.

​I am about to retire and am currently a member of the Regent House/I am retired and was previously a member of the Regent House. Will I remain a member?

A change in the criteria for membership from 6 November 2020 allows retired members of University staff who were previously on the Roll to reacquire Regent House membership or retiring staff currently on the Roll to retain their membership if the head of the University institution in which they are/were employed certifies each year that they are active participants in the University’s affairs. A form is available.  This category of membership is normally only used by those who do not qualify in another category, for example as a College Fellow. Please ask your head of institution to complete the form and submit it by 15 August each year.

I am a Life Fellow of a College. What do I need to do to keep my Regent House membership following removal of the age limit?

The Clerk of the Roll of the Regent House contacts the Colleges each year in the summer to obtain an up-to-date list of those who are Fellows, as defined under the College's statutes, and are ordinarily resident within twenty miles of the University Church. Provided that your name is on that list, you will be included on the Roll of the Regent House. Please check the preliminary Roll published on 1 October to ensure that your name is included (available from the Reporter Specials page).

My name/College affiliation is incorrect on the Roll. How can I amend my details?

Corrections must be advised before the November promulgation of the Roll. All Regent House members are asked to check their entry on the 1 October preliminary Roll of the Regent House. The deadline for notifying the Registrary’s Office of any amendments is publicised in the 1 October Special Reporter. It is generally around a fortnight before the November promulgation. Once the Roll has been promulgated it is not possible to make amendments until the next edition.

What is a 'topic of concern'?

Ten members of the Regent House can submit a request, in writing to the Registrary, that a particular topic of concern (item of interest) should be brought forward at a Discussion. The Registrary will then report the request to the Council, and the topic will be included among the matters for consideration at a forthcoming Discussion (see Regulation 1(b) of the Ordinance on Discussions). See the information on the Regent House Petitions site​ on how to raise a topic of concern.

How do I apply for access to the University Combination Room?

Further information about the University Combination Room, including details about its history and how to apply for access, is available here: