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How to... become a member of the Board of Scrutiny

A list of the current members of the Board of Scrutiny is available on the Board's website.

Members of the Board of Scrutiny are elected biennially by the Regent House to serve for a period of four years. Any member of the Regent House may stand for election, provided they comply with the nomination procedure (which is the same as that prescribed by Regulations 1-7 for election to the University Council) and do not hold one of the positions listed below:

Persons exempt from membership of the Board of Scrutiny:

​Chancellor ​Secretary of a School
​Vice-Chancellor ​Assistant Treasurer
​Pro-Vice-Chancellor ​Director of a University Office
​University Advocate ​Deputy Director of a University Office
​Deputy University Advocate ​Members of the Council
​Registrary ​Members of the General Board
​Assistant Registrary ​Members of the Finance Committee 

Plus any other offices the University may exclude by Ordinance under powers granted under Statute A VII 4.

The election procedure

In practice, a notice is published in the Reporter during Easter Term for the election, explaining the procedure, calling for nominations and setting out the timetable for the ballot. When necessary, a ballot is held to elect members. Where insufficient nominations are received for members in classes c (i) and c (ii) [members of the Regent House] the Council may fill the vacancies by appointment.

Example notices for Board of Scrutiny elections (Reporter links):