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Committees of the General Board

Much of the Board's business is initially considered by one of its principal Committees, some of which are Joint Committees with the University Council. The Board's members typically sit on one or more of these Committees. The main Committees, together with their responsibilities and (where indicated) Terms of Reference, and the main points of contact are set out below.

Education Committee
  • Learning and teaching strategy and innovation
  • New courses and degrees
  • Changes to courses and degrees: content and assessment
  • Quality assurance: student surveys, external examiners’ reports, Departmental reviews, the QAA, professional and statutory bodies
  • Student mobility schemes
  • Codes of Practice for students and legislation affecting students
Terms of reference can be found on the GBEC site
Alice Benton
Head of Education Services(
Planning and Resources Committee
  • Annual budget report and Chest allocations
  • Annual planning round
  • Capital planning and projects, Buildings Committee
  • IT infrastructure and support
  • Resource Management Committee
  • Interaction with HEFCE
Resource Management Committee
  • Implementation of Resource Allocation Model (RAM)
  • Space allocation and accommodation
  • Allocations from the Chest
  • Authorisation of new posts, particularly Professorships
  • Coordinating the University’s participation in national funding initiatives
Terms of Reference can be found at
Jonathan Appleton
Daniela Manca - Buildings, Accommodation, Capital Expenditure
Faisal Moolla - Recurrent and non-recurrent funding, staffing (
Research Policy Committee
  • Research Excellence Framework (REF)
  • Research Council policies and engagement
  • Research grants; management/costing
  • Researcher development
  • Industry/governmental/EU/international research policies, engagement and opportunities
  • Strategic research initiatives
  • Open Access
  • Research ethics and integrity
Rhys Morgan 
International Strategy Committee
  • International strategic collaborations
  • International funding and research opportunities
  • Protocol for international agreements
  • Register of University links by region/country
Stephen Davison
Human Resources Committee
  • HR Policies: all staff categories
  • Pay and grading
  • Appointments and recruitment procedures
  • Senior Academic Promotions (SAP) procedures
  • Equality and diversity
  • Personal and professional staff development
  • Relations with the trade unions
Museums Committee
  • Advice to the central bodies on key museum issues and formulating proposals for report
  • Collective lobbying on opportunities/risks
  • Coordinating responses to national consultation exercises
  • Relations with the relevant funding bodies, including Arts Council and HEFCE
  • Monitoring progress on collective activity and proposals for shared services 
Alistair Bochel

The full list of General Board Committees and of Joint Committees with Council, and their current membership, is published twice a year in the Reporter as Members of University Bodies (Officers number Part II).