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How to... submit papers to the General Board

​​About Genera​l Board papers

​Most of the items considered by the General Board have been referred to the General Board by other committees; these might be regular items that form part of the General Board's work plan, or they might be recommendations that relate to the University's academic and educational activities and policies.

If you wish to submit a paper to a meeting of the General Board, please notify the Assistant Secretary and submit the paper at least two weeks in advance of the meeting date via email to​.​


​​Document templates

​All papers must be submitted using the template for either papers or committee minutes as appropriate (available below) and be sent electronically to by 12 noon on the Wednesday two weeks before the General Board meeting.

GB Submission of Papers Template.docxGB Submission of Papers Template.docx

GB Submission of Minutes Template.docxGB Submission of Minutes Template.docx


Submission dates for the 2020/21 academical year:

​​General Board Meeting Date Deadline for Submission of Final Papers
7 October 2020 21 September​ 2020
4 November 2020 19 October​ 2020
2 December 2020 16 November​ 2020
20 January 2021 4 January​ 2021
17 February 2021 1 February 2021
17 March 2021 1 March 2021
5 May 2021 19 April 2021
9 June 2021 24 May 2021
14 July 2021 28 June 2021


Routine or straightforward matters that do not require discussion may be dealt with by General Board circular.​ As with the main paperwork, items for the circular should be submitted using the correct template (see above).

General enquiries in relation to the General Board can be made to​.​