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Surplus Improvement Fund

​The Surplus Improvement Fund is a Planning and Resources Committee (PRC) and Finance Committee (FC) sponsored funding mechanism to support early investment in activities which are strategically important and able to return a net financial gain to the University. Proposals will be considered by PRC via submission of a business case outlining the strategic, economic and improvement case.

The SIF is suitable for projects which would generate significant additional benefits but require an upfront investment to do so (typically £100k - £5m). It is expected that projects will be able to generate an internal rate of return on the investment (IRR) of at at least 7% within 5 years and pay back the original investment within 3 years.
Seed funds may also be requested. These should seek to address the same requirements as more developed proposals, while recognising that some categories may not yet be applicable and that the level of evidence for key assumptions may be limited.

Please contact Jennie Nelson​ ( in Academic and Financial Planning and Analysis (AFPA) prior to making a proposal and refer to the guidance and process set out in the document below.​​


SIF guidance Oct 2023.pdf