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Committees reporting to the PRC

​The Planning and Resources Committee devolves some of its work to its three sub-committees as follows:

  • Estates Strategy Committee
    The Estates Strategy Committee advises the PRC on the strategic management of the operational and non-operational estate, taking into account the estate plans for Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Assessment.
  • Buildings Committee
    The Buildings Committee gives Technical Approvals for capital building projects, and reviews retrospectively those given by the Space Management and Minor Works Sub-committee of the Resource Management Committee, giving advice where necessary about how to approach future decisions. Estate Management advises and conducts the operational work of this committee, with the assistance of the Finance Division and the Planning and Resource Allocation Office. The Buildings Committee also advises the PRC on the annual budget needed in the Building Maintenance Fund for the maintenance of the operational estate, and gives both Technical Approvals and technical advice on the management of the operational estate. 
    The Buildings Committee has power to delegate maintenance responsibility to Departments which are able to demonstrate the necessary expertise.
  • Environmental Sustainability Strategy Committee
    The Environmental Sustainability Strategy Committee is a joint committee of the Council and the General Board with indirect reporting lines to the PRC and the Estates Strategy Committee. It provides strategic oversight of the University's committment to environmental sustainability embodied in its Environmental Sustainability Policy and Strategy.

Membership of each of these Committees is published annually in the Reporter:

Officers Number Part II: Members of University Bodies​