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Other officers and participants


The Academic Secretary

The Academic Secretary is the Secretary of the General Board of the Faculties. In addition, the Academic Secretary is responsible for the oversight of the Student Registry, the Cambridge Admissions Office, Educational and Student Policy, the International Strategy Office, the Research Office, and the administration of Schools, Faculties and Departments.

The Academic Secretary is Michael Glover.

The Director of Finance and the Chief Financial Officer

The Director of Finance is responsible for financial planning, financial and management reporting, financial operations, taxation, procurement, and treasury management and is therefore deeply involved the governance of the University.

The current Director of Finance is David Hughes.

The University's Chief Financial Officer has oversight of the institution’s assets, including Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Assessment, the Cambridge University Endowment Fund, and the University’s technology transfer through Cambridge Enterprise. The CFO also plays a leading role in developing new and existing areas of commercial activity, as well as the University’s long term strategic and financial plan. 

The current Chief Financial Officer is Anthony Odgers.

Both the Director of Finance and the Chief Financial Officer attend meetings of the University Council, the Finance Committee, and numerous others.

The Director of the Governance and Compliance Division

The Director of the Governance and Compliance Division is Assistant Secretary to the University Council and plays a major role in supporting and disseminating the work of the Council. The Director is responsible for the management and coordination of a number of University-wide activities and services on behalf of the Council, and sits on a number of University committees either as secretary or attending officer, including the Audit Committee.​

The current Director of the Governance and Compliance Division is Regina Sachers.


Student members serve on a number of University committees, including the University Council, the General Board and the Planning and Resources Committee, where they provide the student perspective on policy matters under discussion. Student members of the University Council are also charity trustees and therefore must act in the interests of the University. Students also serve as members of intercollegiate or joint committees, where matters of interest to both the University and the Colleges are considered.

Further information on student membership of bodies across the Collegiate University is available on the Cambridge Students' Union​ website.

The High Steward and the Deputy High Steward

If the office of Chancellor becomes vacant, the duties and powers of the Chancellor that are not otherwise allocated by Statute or Ordinance to the Vice-Chancellor are discharged by the High Steward (or the Deputy High Steward). 

As for the Chancellorship, elections to the office of High Steward are made by members of the Senate voting in person. Deputy High Stewards are appointed by the High Steward by Letters Patent. The high stewards hold office until they voluntarily retire or until the Senate otherwise determines. ​​​​​​​​​​​