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Notices and Reports


Notices are announcements of straightforward matters, published in the Reporter. These Notices often simply inform University members of particular events or items of interest, such as announcing a benefaction, an election, or a consultation. Depending on what they pertain to, such Notices may be issued by the Vice-Chancellor, the Council, the Registrary, the General Board, or another authorised body. In the case of changes to regulations made by the General Board, a Notice alone will suffice. 


Changes to Statute or Special Ordinance, matters which are decided by the Regent House in accordance with Statute or Ordinance or by custom, and any items which are considered as requiring the approval of the Regent House, are presented in the form of a Report, and published in the Reporter. Reports are most frequently published by the Council and the General Board (or both jointly), but some other bodies, such as Syndicates or the Board of Scrutiny, also have authority under Statute or Ordinance to submit a Report to the Regent House, put forward recommendations and provide background information. They enable the originating body to give further information about the proposal, and to make a case for its approval.

Once published in the Reporter, the Report is placed on the agenda for a Discussion in the Senate-House; this enables members of the University to comment on the item under consideration. The remarks made at the Discussion are then published in the Reporter. The body responsible for originating the recommendation has the opportunity to consider the remarks made, and will advise the Council on a response, which is also published in the Reporter in the form of a Notice.

Depending on the comments made in the Discussion, the proposals made in a Report may then be presented for approval by Grace unaltered; the proposals may be amended in light of comments made, and the relevant Grace(s) then submitted; or, very occasionally, the Report’s proposals may be withdrawn.