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Membership structure

The Audit Committee is the only University committee with a majority of external members. Membership is determined by Special Ordinance A (iv)​, and the Committee consists of:

  • five external members, one of whom is one of the external members of the Council and this person serves as the Audit Committee Chair
  • two who are members of both the Council and Regent House
  • up to three members co-opted by the Committee.

In attendance are:

  • the Chairs of the Press & Assessment Board Audit and Risk Committees;
  • the University’s appointed internal (and external as required) auditors;
  • University officers including:
- the Registrary,
- the Senior Pro-Vice Chancellor,
- the Chief Financial Officer,
​​- the Director of Finance, 
- the Director of Governance & Compliance,
- the Head of Assurance (Secretary),
- the Senior Administrator (Risk & Assurance) (Assistant Secretary);
  • Other senior officers and guests as invited for specific agenda items where necessary.


No decision of the Audit Committee is binding unless there are at least five members (three at least of these being external members) present at a meeting. If a decision is the subject of a vote and equal votes are cast, the Chair is entitled to give a second or casting vote. If the Chair is absent, an Acting Chair is elected by the Committee from the external members present and the casting vote is transferred to such person