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RPC Membership

​Last updated: November 2020

Current Members

  • Prof Anne Ferguson-Smith (Chair) (Acting Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research)
  • Prof Andy Neely (Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Enterprise and Business Relations)
  • Prof Christopher Young (Head of the School of Arts and Humanities)
  • Prof Tim Harper (Head of the School of the Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • Prof Nigel Peake (Head of the School of the Physical Sciences)
  • Prof John Dennis (Head of the School of Technology)
  • Prof Anna Philpott (Head of the School of the Biological Sciences)
  • Prof Patrick Maxwell (Head of the School of Clinical Medicine)
  • Prof Maire Ni Mhaonaigh (General Board appointment, SAH)
  • Prof Jeremy Baumberg (General Board appointment, SPS)
  • Prof Richard Penty (General Board appointment, ST)
  • Prof David Ron (General Board appointment, SCM)
  • Prof Sarah Bray (General Board appointment, SBS)
  • Prof Matthew Collins (General Board appointment, SHSS)
  • Dr Mireia Crispin (Postdoctoral research staff / Junior Research Fellow representative)
  • Prof John Pyle (Member in Class E)
  • Dr Ayesha Siddiqi (Member in Class E)
  • Prof John Aston (Member in Class G)

Attending Officers

  • Dr ​Michael Glover (Academic Secretary)
  • Dr Peter Hedges (Head, University Research Office)
  • Dr Diarmuid O'Brien (CEO, Cambridge Enterprise)
  • Mr James Hardy (Acting Director, Office of External Affairs and Communications)
  • Ms Alison Traub (Director, Development and Alumni Relations)
  • Ms Gordana Najdanovic (Research Strategy Office)
  • Dr Rhys Morgan (Secretary) (Research Strategy Office)

The membership of the RPC comprises:

  • The Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research (Chair).
  • The Pro-Vice Chancellor for Enterprise and Business Relations.
  • The Heads of the University’s six Schools: Arts and Humanities; Humanities and Social Sciences; Physical Sciences; Biological Sciences; Technology; and Clinical Medicine.
  • Six persons appointed by the General Board, on the nomination of each of the Councils of the Schools, who are active Principal Investigators for research grants. Members in this category are appointed for a term of two calendar years, and may be re-appointed.
  • Not more than four persons invited by the Chair in recognition of their positions on the senior committees of major research funding agencies.
  • ​A member appointed by the Committee from among postdoctoral research staff and Junior Research Fellows, on the nomination of the Head of the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.
  • Not more than two persons co-opted at the discretion of the Committee.
There is no provision for alternates or deputies, except in the case of the Regius Professor of Physic (in whose absence the Deputy Head of the School of Clinical Medicine may attend).
Meeting attendees include the Academic Secretary, the Head of the University Research Office, the Director of Communications, the Director of Development and the CEO of Cambridge Enterprise.

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