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Finance Committee membership

The Finance Committee can have a maximum of 14 members at any one time, at least eight of whom would be members of the Regent House and three of whom must be on the University Council. Business can only be conducted if at least five members of the Committee​ are present.

The Finance Committee has the following classes of membership: (a) the Vice-Chancellor, or a duly appointed deputy as Chair; (b) three members of the Regent House elected by representatives of the Colleges; (c) four persons appointed by the Council, two of whom must be members of the Regent House; (d) one member of the General Board appointed by the General Board; (e) three members of the Regent House appointed by Grace of the Regent House; (f) no more than two persons co-opted by the Committee. The Secretary of the Committee is the Registrary or a duly appointed deputy.

Membership terms apply as follows: Classes (b) and (e) - three years  |  Classes (c) and (d) - four years  |  Class (f) - to 31 Dec of co-opted year or the year following.

Current membership:


Membership class ​Name and position
​Term end

(a)  The Vice-Chancellor​

(b)  Elected by Representatives of the Colleges​ Mr S. Morris, Senior Bursar, Magdalene College
​​Dr R. Anthony, Bursar, Jesus College ​2023
Mr J. Spence, Senior Bursar, Queens' College​ ​2021
(c)  Appointed by the Council​ ​Dr N. J. Holmes, Council member ​2022
Ms. S. Flood (External) ​ ​2022
Dr R. Foster (External)​ 2022​
​Ms M. Jayaweera (External) ​​2023
(d)  Appointed by the General Board​ ​Professor A. Philpott, Head of School of the Biological Sciences ​2022
(e)  Appointed by Grace of the Regent House​ ​Professor R. Prager, Head of Department of Engineering 2021​
Professor D. Cardwell, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Strategy and Planning​ 2023​
Professor E. Sala, Dept. of Radiology, School of Clinical Medicine​ ​2021
(f) Co-opted by the Finance Committee​ Mr B. Alexander (External) ​2021
Mr N. Kheraj (External) ​2021