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Members of the Committee

The composition of CBELA is as follows: the Vice-Chancellor (as Chair); five other members of the Council, including one student member and one external member; and up to two co-opted persons who need not be employees of the collegiate University.

Voting is decided by a simple majority and no business may be transacted unless a quorum of at least three members is present at the meeting. 

Current membership

The ​Vice-Chancellor (chair) ​Professor Stephen Toope, CLH
Council members:
One from class (a) Heads of Colleges Professor Dame Madeleine Atkins, LCC
Two from classes (b) Professors and Readers, or (c) other members of the Regent House

​Dr Andrew Sanchez
Dr Ruth Charles, N

​One from class (d) Student members ​Mr Zakary Coleman, JE
​One from class (e) External members
​Mr Mark Lewisohn, CHR
Co-opted members:

​Ms Lara Oyesanya
Mr Paul Ritchie

​ ​
Secretary: ​Dr Regina Sachers, Head of the Governance and Compliance Division

The following officers also routinely attend:

The Registrary
The CUDAR Director of Development (or a representative)
The CUDAR Philanthropic Due Diligence Manager
The Head of Legal Services
The Head of the Office of External Affairs and Communications

The Committee may invite other persons to attend for the whole of meetings of the Committee or for particular items of business.


Last updated 17 September 2021