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Responsibilities and Terms of Reference

​The Operations Committee is a sub-committee of the Information Services Committee established in 2017 to advise on and support the work of the ISC. The membership includes senior representatives from each School, the University Library, the UAS, the Colleges, IT managers, and subject specialists.

Constitution, membership and terms of reference

​​The Operations Committee shall consisten of up to 21 members, 16 to be appointed by the ISC, where relevant on the nomination of the indicated bodies, including two members of the ISC one of whom shall act as Chair.

Members appointed ex officio may ask deputies to attend in their place. 


a. Chair (​a member of the ISC)
b. The Director of Information Services
c. The Registrary or their Deputy
d. The Librarian or their Deputy (to represent the needs of non-School Institutions)
e. A representative nominated from each School (ordinarily the School Secretary or Chair of the School's IT Committee)
f. Two representatives nominated from the Colleges
g. CIOs from Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Assessment, or their Deputies
h. Three senior IT Managers
i. One student member co-opted by the Committee
j. Up to three additional members co-opted by the Committee

The UIS Chief Operating Officer, the Chief Information Security Officer, and Deputy Director Large Systems Division will routinely attend. Others may attend by invitation of the Committee.

The Committee shall be quorate provided nine members are present.

​Terms of reference

The Operations Committee shall assist the business of the ISC by dealing with the routine operational governance of the UIS and other major information service providers in the University, by maintaining an overview of provision across the collegiate University, and by providing technical and business scrutiny of significant policy and development proposals to inform later discussion at ISC, where needed:

(1) Advising on the content of papers for consideration by the ISC and acting on matters referred to it by the ISC or its Chair.

(2) Commissioning reports on matters for consideration by the ISC relating to information services.

(3) Receiving routine reports on the operation of the UIS, including a Risk Register, and referring to the ISC any matters of significance.

(4) Monitoring compliance arising from relevant legal and contractual obligations, and the delegation of authority of work for information security.

(5) Considering first drafts of regular reports including the annual report and the annual submission to the Planning Round.

(6) Reviewing work requested of UIS, assisting UIS with prioritisation as required; including review of Schools’ wishes, monitoring the application of ISC project funding and the use of the Technology Development Fund.

(7) Keeping ISC policies and guidelines under review.

(8) Monitoring policy matters and delegating authority to UIS and/or the Chief Information Security Officer for exceptions and dispensations

(9) Receiving minutes of sub-committees and project boards and drawing the attention of the ISC to any matters of significance or requiring decision.

Providing always that urgent matters may be presented direct to the ISC by its Executive Officer and that in cases of doubt or indecision the Operations Committee shall refer the matter to the ISC.


The Operations Committee shall report after each meeting to the ISC.


[Approved by the ISC 14 June 2018 | Modified 22 March 2019]​