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ISC Operations Committee membership

Current members​​hip

​Class ​Role ​Individual
​a ​Chair ​Dr Rachael Padman
​b ​The Director of Information Services ​Prof Ian Leslie
​c ​The Registrary or their Deputy ​Dr Peter Hedges
​d ​The Librarian or their Deputy
(to represent the needs of non-School Institutions)
​Ms Lesley Gray
​​​​​​e​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​A representative nominated from each School
​Arts and Humanities ​Ms Milly Bodfish
​Biological Sciences ​Prof Mark Holmes
​Clinical Medicine ​Dr Caroline Edmonds
​Humanities and Social Sciences ​Mr Julian Evans
​Physical Sciences ​Dr Jim Bellingham
​Technology ​Dr Shui Lam
​f ​ ​Two representatives nominated from the Colleges ​Dr Keith Carne
​Mr Rob Beardwell
​g ​ ​CIOs from Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Assessment, or their Deputies ​Mr John Rimell
​h​ ​ ​ ​Three senior IT Managers ​(vacancy)
​Dr Jenny Barna
​Mr James Hargrave
​i ​One student member co-opted by the Committee ​Mr Edward Paker Humphreys
​​j​ ​ ​ ​Up to three additional members co-opted by the Committee Dr Richard Clayton​
​Dr Markus Kuhn
​Prof Richard McMahon

Regular at​​tendees: 

  • Mr Steve Riley (Chief Operating Officer, University Information Services)
  • Mr Vijay Samtani (Chief Information Security Officer)
  • Mr Chris Edwards (Deputy Director, Large Systems Division, University Information Services)


  • Dr Ian Cooper (Head of Planning and Performance, University Information Services)

[Last updated 03 October 2019]