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University Governance/University committees/ISC Operations Committee/ISC Operations Committee - 12 February 2020

ISC Operations Committee

12 February 2020


Meeting 10:00 am   Huntingdon Room, Roger Needham Building




ISC Operations Committee Agenda - 12 February 2020.pdf


ISC Operations Committee Minutes of 12 February 2020.pdf

Papers and documents

OC-113-20 ISC Operations Committee Unconfirmed Minutes of 29 October 2019.pdf
OC-114-20 Email Review Findings 1.5.pdf
OC-115-20 Email Service Provision Technical Scrutiny Panel ToR.pdf
OC-116-20 UIS Support over Winter closure.pdf
OC-117-20 IT Portfolios 2020-02-06.xlsx
OC-118-20 IT Governance Principles - discussion paper.pdf
OC-119-20 Software supported by the central software fund.pdf
OC-120-20 IFS Update.pdf
OC-121-20 Windows 7 End of Life.pdf
OC-122-20 ISC311 Delivery and implementation of the Digital Presence Strategy.pdf
OC-123-20 PRC 2148 Digital Presence Strategy.pdf
OC-124-20 UIS Incident Report Wireless October 2019.pdf
OC-125-20 UIS Incident Report Wireless November 2019.pdf
OC-126-20 UIS Incident Report Moodle issue 2 Jan 2020.pdf
Portfolio Request Form.pdf

All papers bundle

ISC Operations Committee Agenda and Papers - 12 February 2020.pdf

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