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About the Information Services Committee

The duties of the Information Systems Committee are as follows:

a)      to establish and keep under review, subject to the approval of the Council and the General Board and, where appropriate, the Colleges, a strategy for information services, and staffing requirements, across the University and Colleges in support of research, teaching and administration;
b)       promote the effective and efficient implementation of the information strategy where appropriate throughout the University and the Colleges, to advise on developments in information technology and its implementation, including the sharing of experience and solutions;
c)       to establish mechanisms to ascertain information requirements of users across the University and the Colleges, and ensure that these requirements inform the strategy under (a) above;
d)      to ensure, through the Director of Information Services, that any such information policies, facilities, and services provided by the University Information Services are operating effectively and are fit for purpose, and to approve general principles for the allocation of resources and priorities in the use of information technology facilities;
e)      to review and propose the budget for the University Information Services, on advice from the Director of Information Services;
f)       to be responsible for ensuring that appropriate project and budgetary management and control mechanisms are in place for such major information systems and technology projects as the Council or the General Board may from time to time determine, and to be accountable for the funds allocated for such projects;
g)      to ensure that all centrally provided systems and services provide value for money;
h)      to set, consulting the Councils of the Schools, Colleges and other institutions as necessary, minimum standards of service to be provided;
i)        to be responsible for the regulation and security of the use of information technology facilities within the University, and of such computing facilities in College institutions as may be designated for this purpose from time to time by the appropriate College authorities concerned, and for this purpose to make, or amend, and publish rules, subject to approval by the competent authority, and to impose on a person infringing one or more of those rules either or both of the following penalties:
j)        the suspension of authorization to use computing resources for such a period as the Information Services Committee shall determine;
(ii)a fine not exceeding £175.
(j)to make an annual report to the Council and the General Board and to the Senior Tutors’ and Bursars’ Committees, that report to include a review of the strategy for information services.
The Committee has the right to establish such sub-committees, or other bodies reporting to it.