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Committees of the University Council

In carrying out its business, the University Council is advised by an underpinning committee structure. The Council has two statutory committees - the Audit Committee and the Finance Committee - and there are a number Joint Committees that report to both the Council and the General Board.

Committees of the University Council

Statutory committees ​Chair Secretary
Audit Committee ​Mark Lewisohn ​Clara East
Finance Committee ​Vice-Chancellor ​The Registrary
​Other Committees of the Council ​
​Applications Committee
Philippa Rogerson​ ​Jenny Green
Advisory Committee on ​Benefactions
  and External and Legal Affairs
​Vice-Chancellor ​David Parsons
​Business Committee ​Michael Proctor ​Kirsty Allen/
Ceri Benton
​Advisory Committee on Committee
 Membership & External Nominations
​Vice-Chancellor ​Kirsty Allen
​Honorary Degree Committee ​Vice-Chancellor ​James Knapton
​Human Remains Advisory Panel
​Lord Smith of Finsbury
​Investment Board ​Peter Readman ​The Registrary
​Remuneration Committee ​Sara Weller
Risk Steering Committee
​Duncan Maskell ​Clara East
Committee for the ​Supervision of
  the Student Unions
​Keith Carne ​Kirsty Allen/
Ceri Benton
Sub-Committees of the Finance Committee
​Assessment Committee ​George Reid ​The Registrary
Business Sub-Committee ​Duncan Maskell ​Director of Finance

The names of the registered Chair and Secretary of each committee are correct as at March 2017. 

Joint Committees of the Council and the General Board »