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Professor Susan Oosthuizen

Dr Susan Oosthuizen

Professor Susan Oosthuizen

Professor of Medieval Archaeology and Fellow of Wolfson College
Institute of Continuing Education and Wolfson College
​Central committee memberships ​Membership type ​Term end
University Council​ ​Class (b) - Professors and Readers
​31 December 2018
Business Committee ​Class (a) - Members of the Council ​31 December 2018
​Honorary Degree Committee ​Council member  ​31 December 2018
​Risk Steering Committee ​Member ​31 December 2018
​Advisory Committee on Committee Membership and External Nominations ​Council member in class (b) ​31 December 2018
​Joint Committee on Development ​Council member ​31 December 2018
About this member:

Susan Oosthuizen is Professor of Medieval Archaeology at the Instiute of Continuing Education. She is affiliated to the Department of Archaeology and the Faculty of History. She is a Fellow of Wolfson College, a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London, a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and former Vice-Chair of the Universities’ Association for Lifelong Learning (UALL). She won a National Award for History Teaching in Higher Education in 2003. Her research interests and publications focus on collective governance in early medieval England, through the case study of the origins and development of agricultural landscapes in the period. She has served on the Board of Scrutiny, on the Wolfson College Council and contributes its sub-committees, and is a member of the Strategic Committee which governs the Institute of Continuing Education. She has a strong commitment to the University as a self-governing community of scholars and the importance of consistency, clarity and audit in decision-making.

Her work beyond her discipline has focused on public engagement informed by a strong commitment to the research-based values, strengths and practices that underpin the distinctiveness of teaching in Cambridge. Her work with national bodies has brought her into close contact with policy-makers in funding agencies and government, where she has been involved in mission-directed policy-making and its implementation. Her knowledge of cross-sectoral and international practice is based on her national and international links in part-time higher education and on her work at a senior level in UALL.